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is sold!

N662TC Registration

may be changed prior to purchase to German registration D-EOBV

at no extra cost



  Piper Malibu PA 46-310 P

215 KT in FL 250, 16 Gallons,

max 1935 NM RANGE with 45 min. reserve

 with pressurized cabin (no oxygen masks)

full-de-icing, useful load appr. 600 kg



16 YEARS  


ALWAYS based in a heated Hangar

over 1100 hours and 750 landings

on the market due to upgrade to CitationJet 


Piper Malibu PA 46-310 P

Serial Number: 46 8508095

Registration: D-EOBV

Year: 1985


Totaltime :  approx. 2490 h

Total Landings: approx. 1930


Continental TSIO-520-BE1

IMPORTANT :It is not a TSIO 550 Conversion.The TSIO 550 is not recommended. Refer also to FAQ  No. 7

with two Turbocharger and 310 hp

Total time after top overhaul: approximately 90 hours

Remaning time approximately 770 hours

Propeller total time after overhaul approx. 230 hours



Cost for changeover in 2007 approx. 45.000,00 Euro

Moving Terrain Vision Air EP III  link

Garmin GNS-430 WASS GPS       link        

Garmin GPSMAP 196     link

Reserve GPS built in the Panel by Quick Release

Garmin GMA 347 Audio    link

incl. ATC Recorder, no message is going lost

Satellite-Telephone is used by haedsets

ACK Encoding Altimeter

Garmin GTX 330 Transponder Mode S   link

Bendix / King KFC-150 Autopilot with Flightdirector     link

Bendix / King   HSI

Bendix / King KR-87 ADF

Bendix / King KX-165 NAV / COMM (2. Glideslope)     link

Bendix / King KN 62A DME

3M WX 10 A Stormscope

Moving Terrain Weatherradar

Aritex ME406 MHz ELT  link 


since 16 years based in a heated Hangar

2 luggage compartment (1 in front 45 kg, 2. aft 45 kg)

pressurized cabin

full-de-icing: hot prop, boots, hot-windshild...

air condition

aux heat for high level flights

2 Alternators, 2 Vacuum Pumps

Emerg. oxygen, for all seats

almost 600 kg/1330 lbs useful load

engine bracket strenghtens

nonsmoker cabin

horizontal Jalousie

all LTAs and SBs done in compliance with maintenance service

last German Anual and 100 h control Okt. 2008

FAA Airworthiness Certificate April 2009

A novelty on the world market is the MT-Blitzplan     link

  1. you receive by eurocontrol an acknowledged FP within 2 min.
  2. entire route appears in FMS automaticly
  3. autopilot flies the route, Dep., Arr., Appr., with all heading ch

Satellite Telephone with following capabilities:

  1. filing a flight plan on ground and during flight with Blitzplan
  2. to make and to receive telefone conversations (also during flight)
  3. METAR, TAF, weather-radar-data uploaded by DWD

Additional Equipment

Cost for changeover appr. 35.000,00 Euro

Long range tanks   (145 Gallonen - 548 Liter)

up to 1935 nm range with 45 min. reserve

Shadin fuel flow measurement instrument

Speed brakes (enable to descent fast and secure)

GEM Insight Graphic Engine Monitor

4 Blade-Propeller by Mühlbauer, heated, 230 h

Satellite Telephone firmly inserted with outside-Antenna

Alternate Air protection

to avoid reliably icing in front of the air inlet

Emerg.  radio antenna 

2 separated undependent Static systems (2 Pitots) save lives

drum altimeter 


Cost for changeover appr. 13.000,00 Euro

6  Persons, separate seats (club seating), cold box,

folding table  etc.

Interior in light gray Leather and

dark-blue Velour carpet

roof interior in light-gray made by Alcantara

in a excellant condition (9 of 10)

Special Highlight

Moving Terrain Vision Air EP III equipped with:    link

ICAO Europe chart 1 : 500 000

VFR-approaching charts by Jeppesen (Europe)

MT-IFR complete-package with Electronic Flight Bag

by Jeppesen

incl. Enroute Layer Europe

MT-Terrain Alert System  :

Terrains Color changing

depending by the own aircraft`s altitude ,

veritcal profile, showing digital terrain

MT-Satellite Radar Download with updating

by the german weather service

per Sat Telephone weather download 

 MT-Blitzplan Software-Modul

for filing a flight plan, which is 100%

IFPS compatible and obtaining acknowlegded flight plans

from Eurocontrol by cyberspeed within 2 minutes :

—    MT-"Blitzplan" Software for MT-VisionAir Series

—    GSM-Chip for Online-transmission

—     FMS-Modul

—     Internetaccount

FMS Modul incl. flight planing and flight conducting

Flight Recording and Tracking Modul,

incl. autom.  Logbook

Autopilot-Interface Software

with digital RS232 Interface for horizontal navigation


Asking price: 269.000,00 EURO

Price in US Dollar (rate by Jun. 07, 2010) is appr.:

                                         320.000,00 US Dollar

is sold!!!

Please advise, if you see on the international market a comparable plane like my offer

but with a lower price, then I will adjust the price. (see under FAQ No. 3)

no VAT.           

Price / Performance ratio

For this purchase price you receive a Malibu PA46-310 P, which is a full-de-icing plane with a True Airspeed up to 215, a pressurized cabin and two turbocharger and appr. 600 kg /   1320 lbs useful load, certified for FL 250 @16 gallons consumption per hour, and a  90  hour engine after top overhaul, and a mode S transponder.

Additional to the standard IFR equipment and besides the GARMIN GNS 430 WASS you ‘ ll find the innovative MOVING TERRAIN. The MT VisionAir III EP enable  together with SATELLITE Telephone the provision of mteorological data (weather radar)  in flight. In combination  with independent stormescope the interpretation of the weather condition  becomes excellent possible.

Due to the refited speedbrakes is besides a faster and more secure descent from high level flights also the secure flying in all conditions given, especially the adjustment of speed when reaching the end of an high-speed-approach and to the achievement of the landing speed.

specifications with reservations


Tel.: +49  (0)163 724 63 35