Piper Malibu
FAQ english

1)   How much did you pay for insurance?

    The CSL liability insurance for 10.000.000,00 EUR costs 2.950,00 EUR including VAT.
     Hull insurance for 2 named pilots and costs 5.600,00 EUR with 2% deductible.


2)   What are the annual costs for maintaining airframe, engine, propeller, and avionics?

In the last 7 years (each 12 month) there were average costs of
11.000,00 EUR including VAT per year.

This includes: German 100 hour and annual check (FAA annual would be similar) and resulting
maintenance, all ADs and SBs, but no upgrades like new avionics.


3)  How much does it cost to import a plane from the U.S. for example to  Germany, with subsequent German registration?

     Our estimate for

            -     the flight to the U.S.
            -     the first visual inspection
            -     the pre buy check
            -     hotel
            -     ferry pilot
            -     fuel      
            -     landing -and handling fees
            -     custom duty on imports
            -     change to a German registration

            -     LBA ( the aviation authority for registration)

     is 35.000,00  -  45.000,00 EUR


4)   What is to say referring to “CAMO”?

     The complete maintenance program acorging to the new regulations by LBA are now available.

5) Why is this nice plane for sale?

       Due to current market conditions, I succumbed to the temptation
     to buy a CitationJet. The Malibu has advantages over even the CitationJet,
     besides shorter take-off/landing distances her much longer range, but I do not fly enough to
     keep proficient on both types.

6) Where did you have the  maintenance done?

        For 15 years, the maintenance has been done at Pilotenservice Rieger link
      at Straubing Airport in Bavaria, the largest Malibu maintenance shop in Europe.
      Avionics and propeller has been done at Avionik Straubing and Mühlbauer Propeller, which are located at the same airport.


7) Why do you advice against a conversion to the Continental TSIO 550?


According to Pilotenservice Rieger, where this Malibu has been maintained, Malibus converted to Conti TSIO 550 showed cracks in the engine after only 250 hours due to temperature variations in the engine. Fuel consumption was higher than with the stock engine. Later modifications improved the situation somewhat, but still, to quote our maintenance shop, "The stock Continental engine of the Malibu (Conti TSIO 520 BE) is the best piston engine which Malibus ever had." In particular, this statement meant to include the Malibu Mirage's Lycoming engine.

8) Wy you prefer a Malibu airframe over a Mirage one for a JetProp conversion?

     The Malibu offers a 80 kg higher payload after conversion!

    specifications with reservations